Body Contouring (Non-Surgical)

non-surgical body contouring

What are the options of non-surgical body contouring in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the world. People living in Dubai always seek for quick, safe and no downtime time solutions to keep themselves in perfect shape on the go. While the market is flooded with multiple catchy offers for body contouring and slimming solutions, there are quite few that are scientifically proven, safe and actually effective.


At Fathi Emara Polyclinic, we provide only FDA-cleared, evidence based treatment techniques and technologies that can safely and effectively shape the bodies of men and women non-surgically. 

Things to know about body contouring

There are 2 types of body fat around the belly: 

  1. visceral fat (this is the fat around the organs, underneath the muscle) 
  2. subcutaneous fat (the fat between the skin and the muscle)

Visceral fat can cause health issues and it can be removed only by diet and exercise. Since it’s more dangerous than subcutaneous fat, body usually gets rid of it faster. Subcutaneous fat is less dangerous but it is hard to lose through diet and exercise. This stubborn fat can be treated in our polyclinic with technology called Coolsculpting

The abdominal muscle supports the trunks and keeps organs in place. Sometimes, due to pregnancy or extreme weight gain, the muscle becomes weak and causes the abdominal protrusion. The aesthetic solution is the exercise that tightens the core muscles or the supramuscular stimulation treatments with EMSculpt technology. 

Flabby skin can be another reason to consider body contouring. We use Radiofrequency technology that heats up the deeper layers of skin tissue with targeted heating and stimulates collagen and elastin production in that area. With few sessions of RF treatments our clients achieve great results with toned and smoother skin quality 

The prices for non-surgical b body contouring services varies depending on the size of the treated area and expected resuls.

Coolscultping fat freezing treatment cost ranges between 1,575 – 10,500 AED including VAT. 

Viora Reaction RF skin tightening treatment cost ranges between 945 – 6300 AED including VAT. 

Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Contraindications and Side Effects

Non-surgical body contouring procedures are safe and carry no long-term side effects if done correctly with experienced healthcare professional. 

Coolsculpting is the most scientifically proven aesthetic technology that has minimum risks or side effects besides poorly selected candidates. However, it is important to know about the rare side effect of Coolsculpting:

PAH (Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia) that happens in 0.26% of cases. The clients with PAH describe unusual regrowth of fat bulge in primarily coolsculpted area which occurs 3-5 months after the treatment. This bulge can be later eliminated by lipsuction under loca anaesthesia. 


RF skin tightening has no known side effects except minor burning of the skin on treated area due to selection of stronger parameters. 

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