Pediatrics - Pediatrician in Dubai

Our care starts with the family, from the day you are congratulated with your pregnancy in our gynecology department, onwards. The Pediatric department, at Dr. Fathi Emara Medical Polyclinic, is dedicated to providing you guidance at every stage of your child’s development. We value your child’s health by providing a family-like environment and care. Bound by our healthcare regulations and respect for our patients, together with experienced professionals and the best pediatricians in Dubai who are dedicated to provide quality healthcare, you are insured to leave satisfied and well informed about your case. Our department of pediatrics comprises of a team of general and specialist pediatricians in Dubai. We provide expert care and treatment for your little ones. We, at Dr. Fathi Emara Medical Polyclinic, offer a range of pediatric services of high quality standards to provide your daughter/son the best possible healthcare service across Dubai. Our pediatricians in Dubai will assure you access to quality advice and comprehensive diagnosis of your child’s health. .